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Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming… #BabyB


B loves the aquarium

In the words of Dory, “Just keep swimming!” That was my mantra at #BabyB’s swim lesson this week. Even in the water, my 31 pound one-year-old gets heavy! That’s when it hit me–I am getting exercise, too! I have lost 90 pounds since he was born 4/4/2015 and I have no plans on stopping any time soon!  The swim lessons for #BabyB and the importance of water safety are obviously the main goal here, but me getting exercise and having fun is a total bonus!

Tonight’s swim lessons went much smoother than last time from a mom’s perspective. We had to miss last week because of #BabyB’s ear infection, and he sure was ready to go tonight! We arrived quite early, so I was happy to see some built in entertainment for him. He would go back and forth between the table with the coloring books and the aquariums. He was quite mesmerized by the turtle!


I underestimated the workout I was getting!

Once again the staff was very friendly and helpful. The teacher gave clear instructions and #BabyB only got out of the pool twice when we wasn’t supposed to (that’s an improvement)! For the most part though, I feel like class was much smoother for some pretty good reasons, so I thought I would share those here.  Have some swim lesson tips? Feel free to share those below! Also, below the tips, don’t forget to register for the holiday package!

Mel’s Swim Lesson Tips:

  • If you are getting in the water with the baby, wear your suit to your lesson. It’s so much easier just to take off your sweat pants and shirt and not worry about the baby running out of the changing room.
  • Don’t bring the entire diaper bag. Leave that in the car.  At your first lesson, you will receive a cute little swim bag.  Pack the swimsuit, towel, pajamas (if you have evening classes like us), baby lotion, and sippy cup. You really don’t need any more than that while you are in the building. The cubbies are there for convenient storage while you are in class, too.
  • If you have evening classes, give the kid a quick shower on the deck so you can lotion him and put pajamas on. If you are lucky enough to have a kid that falls asleep in the car, bedtime is a breeze.
  • Even if it is cold, make sure you have flip flops to walk around on the deck.
  • Become familiar with which changing rooms are bigger. Sometimes the extra space can cut down on the time needed in the actual room.
  • Don’t forget to pack a bra–it’s a little awkward without it when you change afterwards.

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This is why water safety is so important. B can officially climb in the tub on his own. Fully clothed. What is to stop him from jumping in a pool or lake? He loves water!

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