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Heroin Lollipops Found at Washington Dulles International Airport

STERLING, Va., – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) at Washington Dulles International Airport seized over one pound of heroin from a Salvadoran man on April 14, which was concealed inside lollipops.

The man, who requested entry as a courier on business, arrived on a flight from El Salvador.  As a courier, he was referred for a routine secondary examination to have his packages inspected.  These inspections ensure that the contents comply with all laws and regulations.

In secondary, an inspection of bags of candy by a CBP officer resulted in the discovery of 709 grams or 1.56 pounds of a powdery substance that field tested positive for the properties of heroin concealed inside the candy shell of lollipops.

“CBP officers routinely inspect items upon entry to the U.S.,” said Wayne Biondi, Area Port Director for the Port of Washington-Dulles. “In this case, our search revealed illicit narcotics from entering the United States and ultimately our communities.”

After extensive interviews with the courier, authorities were satisfied that he was an unwitting accomplice and he was not criminally charged. However, CBP found him inadmissible and he will have to obtain another visa in order to re-enter the United States in the future.

The Privacy Act prohibits releasing the man’s name since he was not criminally charged.

“Every day, CBP Officers welcome thousands of citizens, visitors, and lawful permanent residents to the United States, while enforcing applicable laws to protect the United States commerce and citizens from illicit activity,” said Casey Owen Durst, Director, Field Operations for the Baltimore Field Office,  “This seizure demonstrates the vigilance of our CBP officers and their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our nation”.

CBP routinely conducts inspection operations on arriving and departing international flights and intercepts narcotics, weapons, currency, prohibited agriculture products, and other illicit items at our nation’s 328 international ports of entry.

On a typical day, CBP seizes an average of 9,435 pounds of illicit narcotics.


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