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“First Friday” Growler Fill Prices Raised to $7 at Scotty’s Brewhouse

Once upon a time Scotty’s Brewhouse offered Thr3e Wise Men growler fills on the First Friday of every month for $5. And they have been know to have growler specials other times of the year as well.

By the fall of 2015 the price of a growler fill was increased to $6.

This upset me a little, but this was the trend with other Indianapolis breweries as well. Except my other choices had a growler fill sale weekly. So I have stuck to only hitting Scotty’s on First Friday and spreading the local craft beer love the rest of the month.

Fast forward 2 and a half years to March 2017, and now the cost of filling my Thr3e Wise Men growler fill of Bulldog Brown is $7 on First Friday at Scotty’s Brewhouse. On First Friday the Centennial Martyr Double IPATwo Lucys Blackberry Wheat will set you back $8 now.

For those wondering, the normal price to fill a growler at Scotty’s is currently $12, with the glass growler costing $6 (if you don’t already have one). Every Tuesday, growler fills run $10.

And for those unfamiliar with a “growler”, it’s a 64 ounce (half gallon) jug, which equates to 4 pints (16 ounces) of beer. At $6 you’re looking at $1.50 per pint. At $7 you’re looking at $1.75 per pint. Cheaper than buying a pint out, but more expensive than buying a mass produced case of something.

As for what I’ll end up doing in the long run, I’m not really sure. I’ll probably swing by on occasion, but I may end up visiting some of my other favorites more often instead. At least until everyone else raises their prices too. Which I’m sure will happen. It did last time when we were sitting at $5.

For those of you who are curious about the history, here’s a trip down First Friday Growler Fill Lane. I have to say I really love some of these ads.

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Naptown Buzz June 2016 First Friday Recap

Just a typical summertime First Friday in Indianapolis for Naptown Buzz.

Chow Down Midtown June 11-24, 2012

Everyone knows Indianapolis has some great restaurants, and once again, it is time to enjoy them at a discount! June 11-24, hit up a new restaurant in the Broad Ripple area or visit one of your favorites in “midtown.”

“Midtown” is the area including neighborhoods within the area bordered by 65th St. to the north, Fall Creek Parkway to the south, Illinois St. to the west and Keystone Ave. to the east. Naptown Buzz has never really heard anyone EVER refer to that area as “midtown,” but we are trying to help support some great restaurants, so we’ll run with it. (Actually, we never run, but you get the idea).

Chow Down Midtown presents the opportunity to to dine at more than 20 restaurants while taking advantage of special $30 per person and 2 for $30 menus. Participating restaurants include:



Bebop Pizza Kitchen



Broad Ripple Brew Pub


Broad Ripple Tavern


Corner Wine Bar

FIRE! Food + Flame


The Jazz Kitchen


JT’s Grille & Bar



Mama Carolla’s





Moe & Johnny’s


Northside Kitchenette

The Northside Social


Old Pro’s Table


Oh Yumm! Bistro

Parcha Sweets




Ripple Inn

Riviera Club


Sahm’s Place


Thr3e Wise Men

Union Jack





10-01 Food & Drink


For a complete list of participating restaurants and menus, visit http://www.chowdownmidtown.org