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#BabyB Takes a Dip… The first day of swimming lessons!

img_3464So I knew #BabyB would be excited when he realized he was going swimming, but I didn’t realize just how excited! As soon as we walked in the
door and he saw a pool he could barely contain himself! Luckily, the staff was attentive and super helpful, so we didn’t have to wait too long to get to the fun of swimming. After filling out some paper work and learning the super simple check in process, we grabbed a pair of reusable swim trucks off the rack, got dressed, and got in line. Then #BabyB cut the line.  He moved right to the front and patiently waited for someone to open the door for him. Boy, was he ready to go!

When we got settled in the end of the pool for the baby/parent lessons, I img_3467was so relieved to feel the warm water—90 degree water! When I taught swimming lessons, I swear we spent at least the first 10 minutes warming up.  It was surprisingly relaxing even though we were there for lessons.  #BabyB has never had formal lessons, but he has always been drawn to water, so I knew he would do well. I also know that it is important for him to learn how to swim since he is such a water magnet.  Our family enjoys going to the lake and our friend has a pool, so the sooner he can learn water safety, the better.

Overall, #BabyB did pretty well.  The teachers were really good about explaining each activity and the parents were good about telling me what we were doing next when #BabyB tried to swim on his own, or get out and dump out all the balls, or splash water in my face…  I must say though, I was pretty proud when he put his head under water all by himself and even jumped off the water mat! Thirty minutes goes pretty quick! I wish we could have stayed in the pool longer! In that 30 minutes though my son gained more self-confidence, learned that he can kick and paddle at the same time, and also learned that he is big enough to stand on the side ledge with his head above water when his classmates still have to be held. I learned that I can be a part of him not only learning to swim, but learning to stay safe.

img_3469Bonus to Goldfish Swim School: the showers had baby shampoo already out, so I was easily able to get him washed up and in pajamas for the car ride home.  Having the late lesson helps not mess up the bedtime routine because he was pretty worn out when we got home.  I can’t wait to see what he gets to learn next week!

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