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Goldfish Swim School Indianapolis Honors Area Make-A-Wish®Wish Kids… #AdventureswithBabyB

b in goldfish t shirt

Let’s go! Join me at Goldfish Swim School!

Four Indianapolis-area Make-A-Wish® Wish Kids are being honored for their courage and strength with fundraiser celebrations at two Goldfish Swim School locations in greater Indianapolis. These special events for the kids, their families, and close friends will take place on Saturday, June 3 and Saturday, June 10.

Goldfish Swim School is also raising funds with Make-a-Wish Fish that are available for purchase at the Goldfish Swim School locations in Carmel and Fishers and will help Make-a-Wish grant more wishes to area kids battling life-threatening medical conditions.  

Indianapolis native Lilliana will be celebrated at the June 3 event at Goldfish Swim School –Carmel. Lilliana suffers from Trisomy 18 – a rare condition that causes severe developmental delays due to an extra chromosome 18. Lilliana’s wish is to go on a Disney Cruise where she can enjoy the things she loves most – lights and sounds, balloons and sweets.

Mikhail will be celebrated at the June 10 event at Goldfish Swim School – Fishers. Mikhail suffers from Sickle Cell Disease, which causes red blood cells to become misshapen and break down. His wish is to go to Disney World where he can spend time on the beach with his family.

Kylie is Back… #AdventureswithBabyB

I wish I could have caught #BabyB’s excitement on camera when he saw his teacher Kylie! If you missed the blog about how much he loves his teacher, click here.   Kylie was out two weeks with the flu and was on spring break, so #BabyB missed her.  Fortunately, Goldfish Swim School is always prepared with substitute teachers, so we never had to miss a lesson.

When #BabyB saw Kylie through the observation wall, he was so overjoyed. bummed he can't see kylie He wasn’t too happy though when he realized he couldn’t get in the pool! Don’t worry. He didn’t have to wait long. His class was starting shortly after we arrived.

Swim classes are only a half-an-hour long which is plenty of time to play, learn, and have fun. With a 90 degree heated pool, you don’t waste any of your lesson trying to warm up!  The super fun part of today’s lesson was the new fish toy.  Part of the lesson includes swimming across the pool after a duck or ball (motivation).  Well, today, we had a new toy–a goldfish!  #BabyB did not want to give his up!

kylieEven if you go to the same class every week, every lesson is different. You learn the same important water safety skills, but you use different songs and change the order of the activities. A special activity such as a boat ride, slide ride, water raft, or something like that is included. The kids always provide great entertainment, too!

Interested in putting your kid in swimming lessons? Sign up today! With perpetual lessons, you don’t have to wait for a new session to start. For more information, visit the Goldfish Swim School Carmel website.


Allergic Reactions are No Fun… #AdventuresWithBabyB

IMG_4477Since we started swim lessons at Goldfish Swim Schools in November, #BabyB has been dealing with some health struggles.  We have had a few rounds of ear infections and the latest health challenge was an auto-immune reaction to amoxicillin.  After some steroids and Benadryl, #BabyB is doing just fine, but we did have to miss swim lessons AGAIN.  I hate when we miss his swim lessons at Goldfish Swim Schools!

If #BabyB’s lessons were session based, we would have wasted quite a bit of money.  Since Goldfish Swim School has a perpetual swim lesson model, we really aren’t missing out at all! If you miss a lesson and call in, you can have a makeup lesson added to your account and go to another class. The consistency of the lessons helps build skills and confidence, so not missing out on a week and being to attend another class is super valuable!

We will try again next week.  We are switching class times, so we will be with a new group of kids, but we are excited to be with same teacher, Kylie.

We’ll check back in next week!  To learn more about Goldfish Swim Schools, visit https://goldfishswimschool.com/ and check out #BabyB’s school on facebook.

Another Monumental Moment at Goldfish Swim School… #AdventuresWithBabyB

IMG_4506So, this may seem like no big deal if you are not a parent, but if you have been taking your son to Goldfish Swim School since November and this is the FIRST TIME it’s happened, it’s monumental… #BabyB climbed out of the pool as directed (elbow, elbow, tummy, knee!) and ACTUALLY SAT DOWN!!! HE DIDN’T RUN OFF!!!  THIS IS HUGE!!!

Seriously, this is a really big deal. Before (and I mean every single class), #BabyB would climb out of the pool and get up and run off for a toy.  I would have to jump out after him or my husband or my mom would have to wrangle him.  If I was embarrassed easily, that would have embarrassed me. I usually laughed it off, but I was still frustrated that he was getting IMG_4483distracted and not following directions.  After reminding myself that he is not even two yet, I usually felt better and we would move on with our song and jump back in the pool.  One thing I did do purposefully, though, is switch up our place on the wall. Yes, I purposefully moved #BabyB to the
end of the line AWAY from the toys.  This definitely helped him focus and stick with the activities at hand.

I am just beaming with pride at the progress this little man has made since he started at Goldfish Swim School Carmel in November.  He was never scared of the water, and honestly, that is what prompted me to get him into lessons.  I want him to learn water safety. I don’t want him to be afraid of the water and I want him to learn how to take care of himself around water.  For not even being two yet, he is making wonderful progress.  He blows bubbles, he goes under water, he kicks, he paddles, and he is willing to try new activities.  I call that a win!IMG_4522

Each week we practice safety skills in a HEATED pool.  We splash, we sing songs, we gain confidence, and we get to spend quality time together.  Our half hour a week in the pool is pretty special.  Interested in learning more?  Visit the Goldfish Swim School website.


Back on track… #AdventuresWithBabyB

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just keep swimming
We are finally back on track at Goldfish Swim School. We made it to our regular class, we had a great half an hour of swimming, and #BabyB adjusted well to having a substitute teacher. Sometimes you just don’t know how your kid is going to react to someone new, especially in a no so familiar territory (aka, a pool), but he did great!

I made some adjustments, too.  During every class, at some point and time, we work on the safe way to pull yourself out of the pool and get into the pool. Well, this is usually a challenge for me because #BabyB doesn’t just get out of the pool and sit on the edge. He gets out of the pool and steals a toy or jumps in the boat on the deck or even runs away!  Not this week,on the end though! Mama got smart.  While crab walking over to the other end of the pool, I realized #BabyB would be towards the end of the line right by the bin of balls.  I wasn’t wasting any time.  I just grabbed him and helped him “swim” to the front of the line to keep him away from distractions–and it worked!  He got out of the pool, sat on the edge, jumped back in, got back out… Pretty much, he just followed directions. I think this may be the first week I didn’t have to jump out of the pool to grab him.  #success

Interested in learning more about how your little one can get used to the boatwater, have fun, and learn safety at the same time? Check out Goldfish Swim Schools.  They have year around lessons, a heated pool, comfortable changing rooms, a great observation deck, family swim days, and more!  #BabyB loves it.  Maybe your kid will love it, too.

#BabyB Might be in Love with his Teacher… #AdventureswithBabyB

IMG_3470So I’m pretty sure #BabyB has a crush on his teacher.  He is so excited when he sees her, he loves to show off, and he loves when he puts a smile on her face.  I thought I would introduce you to her.  Meet #BabyB’s teacher from Goldfish Swim School Carmel!

Name: Kylie

How long have you been a swim instructor? I’ve been a swim instructor since February of 2016, so my one year is very soon!

What made you want to be a swim instructor? I wanted to become a swim instructor because I love little kids and I love swimming so what’s better than teaching little cute kids how to swim!!

What do you enjoy most about teaching swim lessons? What I enjoy the most about teaching swim lessons is how happy the kids are just to come to Goldfish and then when they accomplish something new or good it just warms my heart to see how happy the kid and their parents are for their IMG_3969accomplishment.

What puts a smile on your face during a lesson? My kids in my classes continuously put smiles on my face whether if it is from something funny that they said, how much they are improving or how cute they are!

Kylie is so good with #BabyB and the other little ones in his class. She is always enthusiastic, attentive, and helpful. Thanks for making swim class fun, Kylie!

IMG_4221Here’s more about Goldfish Swim Schools:

  • Goldfish Swim School offers state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facilities dedicated to indoor swim classes and programs for children.
  • Our experienced staff of Ellis-Trained swim instructors is taught to teach children to swim using unique and educational teaching equipment.
  • We believe in year-round, perpetual swim lessons. It’s the consistency each week that helps kids learn to be safe and confident in water.
  • A key part of our curriculum is teaching safety skills to kids between 4 months and 13 years old and we practice these safety skills each week.


Thankful for makeup classes… #AdventureswithBabyB

IMG_4187make it workEvery Tuesday night is swim lesson night. The evening is pretty routine.  Get home by five p.m., pack the swim bag, eat dinner, load up the car, then arrive at Goldfish Swim School in Carmel.  Well, tonight it didn’t work out that way.  I was in a minor car accident leaving a downtown parking garage this afternoon.  Getting in a wreck on Illinois St just north of Washington St just before rush hour pretty threw off the whole night.

I arrived home late, and I really didn’t know how I would get #BabyB fed and to swim lessons on time without going crazy.  The truth is, we don’t need to put so much pressure on ourselves to get everything done. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and that’s okay.  That’s also where make-up lessons come in handy!

It was so easy to find another lesson for #BabyB to attend this week. I just called the school, let them know what happened, and Brooke (the staff member that answered the phone) helped me find an open class that worked with our schedule.  It’s a bummer that #BabyB had to miss class tonight, but at the same time, he isn’t even two yet, so he is easily redirected.

We’ll try again tomorrow!

Want to learn more about Goldfish Swim School?  Read their story here.