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The #MomFail… #AdventuresWithBabyB

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It’s only Tuesday, and I knew I was pushing it.  Sometimes you just know you are going to have a crazy week and you should probably minimize your commitments, but do you do it? No! Why would you do that?!?! You are super mom!  Well, this time, I accomplished a super #momfail.

b and daniel tiger

When all else fails, let him watch Daniel Tiger.

Originally, I was supposed to be on IndyStyle Friday of this week.  Well, I messed up my schedule (doubled booked like always), and, fortunately, we were able to move the spot to Wednesday.  I messaged all my Indiana Originals members, items were being delivered, and everything was smooth sailing.  I had one member that I wanted to feature whose item wasn’t ready yet, but I promised to try my best to swing by and pick it up.  This plan works out great when your minutes have more than 60 seconds in them.  For some reason, I think NO MATTER WHAT, I can get it all done.

Since #BabyB has swimming lessons in Carmel at Goldfish Swim School, I figured we would pack up, get the kid in the car, drive to Redemption Alewerks for dinner, pick up the growler, get to swimming lessons, then get home and put the kid to bed so I can work more.  It was actually a well thought out plan and worked out great! We even made it to swimming lessons ON TIME!  Then it hit me…  Lance didn’t remember putting the swim bag in the back of the car… I didn’t remember putting the swim bag in the car…  We know #BabyB didn’t put the swim bag in the car… WE FORGOT THE SWIM BAG!!!  All that rushing and planning and success only to have a substantial #momfail of forgetting the swim bag.  Oh, well.  I just went inside, told Brooke about my mess up, and went home.  You can only do so much, right?  Let the guilt go, and try again next week.