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Rain in Indianapolis on July 17th!

We are in the midst of the biggest drought in over two decades in Indiana and in Indianapolis we set a new record high for July 17th at 101°, beating the old record by a degree, and raising our number of triple digit days to 7 this year.  The current record of 100°+ degree days stands at 12.

Tonight we managed to capture the short, but much needed, rain in Indianapolis where we’re over 14 inches under where we should be on the year.  We even spotted a few pieces of hail in the mix too.

And while we’re talking weather, we should mention that pretty much the entire state of Indiana is under a burn ban, and in the past few days many areas were placed under a watering ban as well.

With the watering ban, in most cases you can water gardens by hand, but sprinklers, washing your car & filling empty pools are no-no’s that may get you slapped with a hefty fine.  They also list “washing your driveway” as a no-no, but if you do this regularly we really think you need professional help, not a fine, so give us a ring on the Buzzline, 317-891-4627, and we’ll help arrange that for you.

Now that you can’t water your lawn, and in case you’re wondering what the difference between green grass and dead grass is, here’s a visual for you of both, side-by-side.

Did you see anything where you are?  If you have photos or video, please share!

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