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13 Days of Halloween for the Family: Day 7, Coraline

For the seventh day of 13 Days of Halloween for the Family, we recommend Coraline.

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride will enjoy this movie from Nightmare director Henry Selick.  And what’s a good movie without an earworm? While only 32 seconds long, They Might Be Giants’ “Other Father Song” will stick with you long after viewing.

Note: This may be a bit much for very little ones, so I would recommend watching it yourself first.

13 Days of Halloween for the Family: Day 2, Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is at the top of my personal Halloween (and year round) feature length movies to watch with the kids and listen to the soundtrack. If you’ve not seen it, it is a must for the whole family. If you have seen it, below are some additional items that you may be interested in.