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Hearth Cooking Class teaches Outdoor Cooking Skills

There’s more to outdoor cooking than stew in a Dutch oven, as you’ll discover in the Nickel Plate Arts Hearth Cooking class at Conner Prairie, Saturday May 26, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sarah Withrow and Trudy Timkovich have over twenty years of outdoor cooking experience and will demonstrate how to use indirect heat, manage a fire, churn butter and other techniques, as lunch is prepared. Instructor Trudy Timkovich says that food cooked over an open fire has a taste that you can’t replicate with other methods.

These cooking techniques can be used at home, or when camping. All the recipes used for this class are historic to the 1830’s you’ll learn how to measure without a measuring cup and take home a booklet with all the recipes of delicious dishes they’ve prepared. No previous cooking experience is needed.

The Nickel Plates Arts Hearth Cooking menu includes:

• Chicken on a string
• Fish on a plank
• Mustard potatoes
• Roast root vegetables
• Corn fritters
• Biscuits with fresh churned butter
• Wilted lettuce salad
• Maple gingerbread cake
• Dried apple or rhubarb pie

Register at nickelplatearts.org or by calling 848-3181.

This post was submitted by JoAnn Klooz.