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2011 IndyFringe Festival Recap

If you haven’t made it out to the IndyFringe Festival yet, shame on you! For ten days every August, a huge conglomeration of actors, magic acts, comedians, poets, dancers, singers, and other creative types converge downtown on Mass Ave to perform in approximately 68 different shows.

This year, I chose to serve as a volunteer for the festival. I opted for this in order to see more shows and get the free tickets for my hours served. Fortunately, to date, I have seen 20 (YES, 20!!) different shows and plan to see more before the festival ends this Sunday.

This festival has a show for everyone, literally. I have witnessed some combination of the following things:

…and that only covers about 75% of what I have enjoyed. Literally, something for everyone.

Only one time every year can theatergoers find such a variety of show choices. Performers come from local companies, out of state, and even out of the country just to perform in the festival. From shows that have you rolling with laughter or leaving with a head full of questions, IndyFringe has something to offer you.

In order to attend shows in the festival, patrons must purchase a $5 backer button (a one-time purchase, just bring it with you from show to show!). Tickets will cost a maximum of $10 (cheaper for students with ID) per show and can be purchased with CASH only starting a half hour before show at each venue or at the website until noon on the day of the show.

So go out and support an artist (performers receive 100% of ticket revenue) and see some great entertainment during this final weekend of IndyFringe.

And, on a side note, if you are interested in following my Fringe adventures, I’m tweeting about every show I see! Follow me on Twitter @kelsee422 for my latest show updates!