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Gen Con Extends Indy Commitment Through 2022, Expects 2018 Badge Sell-Out

Gen Con Anticipates Second Consecutive Badge Sell-Out

Gen Con, the largest and longest running tabletop gaming convention in North America, is reporting a 6% year-over-year increase in its attendee badge sales to date, and as a result, expects its second consecutive year of selling out of attendee badges. Convention badge sales, which opened on January 14, 2018, have reached record numbers and the convention again plans to cease badge sales in the early summer if sales trends continue. Last year’s convention sold out of 4-Day attendee badges in early July and all single-day badges the week prior to the show, marking the first year the convention sold out of those badge types. Initial 2018 sales are trending towards a sell-out of all attendee badge types in July 2018.

“Following a historic Gen Con 50, many wondered how attendees would respond to the 2018 show,” said David Hoppe, president of Gen Con. “We’re happy to report that this year’s interest has surpassed last year’s record numbers. With additional organizational effort, we expect to support even more attendees while still preserving a world-class attendee experience. With the combined passion of our fans and the foresight and cooperation of our partners in Indianapolis, we’re eager to continue our convention’s growth in Indy.”

Gen Con Extends Indianapolis Agreement Through 2022

Gen Con LLC has announced an agreement with the city of Indianapolis to extend its commitment through 2022. Gen Con will return to Indy on August 2-5 in 2018, August 1-4 in 2019, July 30-August 2 in 2020, August 5-8 in 2021, and August 4-7 in 2022.

For the second consecutive year, Gen Con will offer programming on the field level and in the exhibit halls of Lucas Oil Stadium, as well as throughout the Indiana Convention Center, at an outdoor presence on Georgia and South Streets, and through hundreds of ticketed events at numerous hotels.

The convention’s exhibit hall will feature more than 500 exhibiting companies and Gen Con expects to host more than 15,000 ticketed events in 2018. According to last year’s estimates by Visit Indy, Gen Con has an annual economic impact in excess of $70 million to the local Indianapolis economy.


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Gen Con 50 Trade Day Badges Are SOLD OUT

If you were waiting to pick up a Trade Day badge for Gen Con 50, we’re afraid that you’ve waited too long. Trade Day badges, available to retailers, educators, and librarians, have now sold out for Gen Con 50.

Trade Day badges, which are available to retailers, educators, and librarians, have now sold out for Gen Con 50.

For those of you who already have your Trade Day badge, you can browse events and secure your tickets for the Wednesday, August 16 programming at any time.

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Concert Against Humanity July 31

Popular card game Cards Against Humanity announced this morning that they will be hosting a concert and comedy show during Gen Con this year.

Gen Con Indy 2014: The Costumes

When you mention Gen Con to people here in Indy, normally the first response is asking what costumes you’ve seen this year. So, without further adieu, here are some of the ones we saw this year at Gen Con.

Gen Con Indy 2014: The Games

At Gen Con Indy there is quite an array of games. If you can’t find something to play, or you don’t spot something you’ve not seen before, you’re not looking hard enough.

Gen Con Indy 2014: The Atmosphere

Gen Con, “The Best Four Days In Gaming!”, did not disappoint this year. From the vendors, to the games, to the auctions, and everything in between, it was a blast. Here are the Gen Con Atmosphere photos to prove it.

Gen Con 2014: Five Things to See & Do

Gen Con, “The Best Four Days in Gaming”, returns to Indianapolis this weekend, and Naptown Buzz will be there snapping photos and checking out what’s going on! If you’re in the area, here are five things to see and do at Gen Con.