Kylie is Back… #AdventureswithBabyB

I wish I could have caught #BabyB’s excitement on camera when he saw his teacher Kylie! If you missed the blog about how much he loves his teacher, click here.   Kylie was out two weeks with the flu and was on spring break, so #BabyB missed her.  Fortunately, Goldfish Swim School is always prepared with substitute teachers, so we never had to miss a lesson.

When #BabyB saw Kylie through the observation wall, he was so overjoyed. bummed he can't see kylie He wasn’t too happy though when he realized he couldn’t get in the pool! Don’t worry. He didn’t have to wait long. His class was starting shortly after we arrived.

Swim classes are only a half-an-hour long which is plenty of time to play, learn, and have fun. With a 90 degree heated pool, you don’t waste any of your lesson trying to warm up!  The super fun part of today’s lesson was the new fish toy.  Part of the lesson includes swimming across the pool after a duck or ball (motivation).  Well, today, we had a new toy–a goldfish!  #BabyB did not want to give his up!

kylieEven if you go to the same class every week, every lesson is different. You learn the same important water safety skills, but you use different songs and change the order of the activities. A special activity such as a boat ride, slide ride, water raft, or something like that is included. The kids always provide great entertainment, too!

Interested in putting your kid in swimming lessons? Sign up today! With perpetual lessons, you don’t have to wait for a new session to start. For more information, visit the Goldfish Swim School Carmel website.


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