He Started Singing Along… #AdventureswithBabyB

b in poolToday may have been the cutest swimming lesson EVER at Goldfish Swim School. #BabyB sang along with all the songs out loud today! It was adorable.  He still isn’t talking much, but I’m pretty sure that’s just by choice. He jibber-jabbers constantly, but then out of nowhere, he says a complete sentence crystal clear.  He has been “singing along” with other songs for a while now, but today was the first time he sang in the pool. He has been in swimming lessons since November, so I was super proud of this accomplishment today!

#BabyB loves the water. We put him in swimming lessons to keep him safe, but he is also having fun and learning great social skills. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t learned how to not put every single toy in his mouth, so if you have any suggestions for that, let me know!

turtleGoldfish Swim School swimming lessons are just plain fun! #BabyB loves the water, he has a great time with the other kids in his class, he loves watching the fish and the turtle before class, he sometimes joins the other kids at the
coloring table, and he loves the bright colors and fun toys.  He might not know he is learning important survival skills, but I do.

Are you considering taking your kid to Goldfish Swim Schools? Goldfish Swim Schools specializes in teaching safety skills for kids from four months to 12-years-old and we practice these safety skills each week. For more information on lessons, visit the Goldfish Swim School Carmel website.

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