New Class Time, New Experience at Goldfish #AdventureswithBabyB

IMG_4506When #BabyB first started taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School Carmel, we had him in a 7:00 p.m. class thinking it would wear him out and he would be ready for bed when we got home. Boy, was I wrong! Even after showering, putting on pajamas, and a smooth car ride home, that boy found a second wind and was up for another few hours.  With the mantra for 2017 being #simplify, it was time to make a change.

In an effort to #simplify our schedules and create more of a balance to our crazy work/home life, we adjusted #BabyB’s childcare schedule.  I now pick him up in Carmel every day at 3:30.  Well, since we are already in Carmel, doesn’t it make sense to just go swimming lessons from school and then go home for dinner?  It sounded like a good plan… Luckily it worked great!

No more rushing home to cook dinner, then racing back to Carmel, then losing the rest of the evening.  No more waiting in line for changing rooms, either! So far so good.  The beauty of this schedule change is how simple it was to make. I just spoke with Brooke and Andrew at the front desk, we looked for some open classes with the same teacher, found a good time, and were all set.  With perpetual lessons, the class schedules are flexible.  Here is more information about perpetual lessons:

  1. Perpetual Lessons also provide a more affordable option for members to pay for swim lessons. Monthly lesson payments eliminate patrons having to come up with such a large sum of money at the beginning of each session.
  2. Perpetual lessons provide clients with a consistent day and time until they choose to make a change. We don’t rearrange our schedule every 3 months which provides a more consistent swim lesson experience for both the students and parents.

We can’t wait until next week! We are so thankful for this opportunity.  Thanks, Goldfish!


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