Let’s Talk About the Locks… #AdventureswithBabyB

It is hard to find something to NOT like about Goldfish Swim School Carmel. I mean, seriously, a heated pool, showers with free baby soap, a heated pool… Yes, I like the heated pool because I have to get in with #BabyB.  I did find one thing that can be improved though–the changing room locks.

changing roomLet me clarify, nothing is actually wrong. The changing rooms are spacious enough to get in and get out quickly. Unfortunately, I have an almost two-year-old that is three feet tall and learned that if he pulls the handle down the lock pops and he can open the door. I’m not so worried about him opening the door and taking off. He can’t really get that far.  What he can do though is expose his naked mama to everyone in the viewing gallery! Oops!  Sorry about that, Goldfish.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad. I did make me change up my strategy for getting us out of the changing room a little faster though. The key is to get yourself changed first while the baby is wrapped up in their towel nice and cosy. Then change the baby once you are dressed so if he runs off you can run after him!

Goldfish Swim School has been great for getting #BabyB ready for the swimming season. They could be great for your kid, too.  Not only do they have swimming lessons, but they have special programs, too.  Check those out here.

Have a question about my experience? Send me an email! #melforgoldfish

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