Grandma Comes to Swimming Lessons… #AdventureswithBabyB

swimming with grandmaToday was a super fun day at swimming lessons because #BabyB got to show off to Grandma! One of the many cool features of Goldfish Swim School Carmel is the observation set up. Not only is the observation area the entire length of the pool, but if you are with a baby (or toddler), you can actually sit on the deck near the side of the pool to watch. This is pretty exciting for visitors and it is pretty good motivation for #BabyB to show off his skills.

Event though #BabyB has the same teacher, he has the opportunity to make new friends during this new class time.  He has adjusted pretty well and is mostly concerned with getting me soaking wet.  He is definitely better at floating, he has no concerns with going under water, and he even climbed up the slide himself (when he wasn’t supposed to).  It is hard to believe he has only been in classes since November!

Curious about what a Goldfish Swim School looks like?  Give yourself a tour here!

Thanks for this opportunity, Goldfish! #melforgoldfish

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