Allergic Reactions are No Fun… #AdventuresWithBabyB

IMG_4477Since we started swim lessons at Goldfish Swim Schools in November, #BabyB has been dealing with some health struggles.  We have had a few rounds of ear infections and the latest health challenge was an auto-immune reaction to amoxicillin.  After some steroids and Benadryl, #BabyB is doing just fine, but we did have to miss swim lessons AGAIN.  I hate when we miss his swim lessons at Goldfish Swim Schools!

If #BabyB’s lessons were session based, we would have wasted quite a bit of money.  Since Goldfish Swim School has a perpetual swim lesson model, we really aren’t missing out at all! If you miss a lesson and call in, you can have a makeup lesson added to your account and go to another class. The consistency of the lessons helps build skills and confidence, so not missing out on a week and being to attend another class is super valuable!

We will try again next week.  We are switching class times, so we will be with a new group of kids, but we are excited to be with same teacher, Kylie.

We’ll check back in next week!  To learn more about Goldfish Swim Schools, visit and check out #BabyB’s school on facebook.

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