Back on track… #AdventuresWithBabyB

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just keep swimming
We are finally back on track at Goldfish Swim School. We made it to our regular class, we had a great half an hour of swimming, and #BabyB adjusted well to having a substitute teacher. Sometimes you just don’t know how your kid is going to react to someone new, especially in a no so familiar territory (aka, a pool), but he did great!

I made some adjustments, too.  During every class, at some point and time, we work on the safe way to pull yourself out of the pool and get into the pool. Well, this is usually a challenge for me because #BabyB doesn’t just get out of the pool and sit on the edge. He gets out of the pool and steals a toy or jumps in the boat on the deck or even runs away!  Not this week,on the end though! Mama got smart.  While crab walking over to the other end of the pool, I realized #BabyB would be towards the end of the line right by the bin of balls.  I wasn’t wasting any time.  I just grabbed him and helped him “swim” to the front of the line to keep him away from distractions–and it worked!  He got out of the pool, sat on the edge, jumped back in, got back out… Pretty much, he just followed directions. I think this may be the first week I didn’t have to jump out of the pool to grab him.  #success

Interested in learning more about how your little one can get used to the boatwater, have fun, and learn safety at the same time? Check out Goldfish Swim Schools.  They have year around lessons, a heated pool, comfortable changing rooms, a great observation deck, family swim days, and more!  #BabyB loves it.  Maybe your kid will love it, too.

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