We Hit a Milestone… #BabyB… #JustKeepSwimming

We hit a milestone in swimming lessons today! img_40181 #BabyB actually floated comfortably (and assisted) on his back! Have you ever tried to help someone float and they almost bend in half? They tense up and practically sink?  Well, that was#BabyB until today! He actually img_40221laid his head on my shoulder and relaxed the entire way down the pool!  This is a big deal not only because learning to float is imperative to learning how to swim well, but it is imperative to water safety. If a toddler falls in a pool or lake and they know how to turn themselves on their back and float, they have a much greater chance of survival.img_40441

Infants start swim lessons as young and six months old. Kids are smart, fast, and don’t have the same taught fears that we do, so they are more likely to try new things. They are also resilient.  #BabyB is in love the water and we want to keep it that way. We are so thankful for is lessons at Goldfish Swim School!

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