#BabyB Might be in Love with his Teacher… #AdventureswithBabyB

IMG_3470So I’m pretty sure #BabyB has a crush on his teacher.  He is so excited when he sees her, he loves to show off, and he loves when he puts a smile on her face.  I thought I would introduce you to her.  Meet #BabyB’s teacher from Goldfish Swim School Carmel!

Name: Kylie

How long have you been a swim instructor? I’ve been a swim instructor since February of 2016, so my one year is very soon!

What made you want to be a swim instructor? I wanted to become a swim instructor because I love little kids and I love swimming so what’s better than teaching little cute kids how to swim!!

What do you enjoy most about teaching swim lessons? What I enjoy the most about teaching swim lessons is how happy the kids are just to come to Goldfish and then when they accomplish something new or good it just warms my heart to see how happy the kid and their parents are for their IMG_3969accomplishment.

What puts a smile on your face during a lesson? My kids in my classes continuously put smiles on my face whether if it is from something funny that they said, how much they are improving or how cute they are!

Kylie is so good with #BabyB and the other little ones in his class. She is always enthusiastic, attentive, and helpful. Thanks for making swim class fun, Kylie!

IMG_4221Here’s more about Goldfish Swim Schools:

  • Goldfish Swim School offers state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facilities dedicated to indoor swim classes and programs for children.
  • Our experienced staff of Ellis-Trained swim instructors is taught to teach children to swim using unique and educational teaching equipment.
  • We believe in year-round, perpetual swim lessons. It’s the consistency each week that helps kids learn to be safe and confident in water.
  • A key part of our curriculum is teaching safety skills to kids between 4 months and 13 years old and we practice these safety skills each week.


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  1. […] wish I could have caught #BabyB’s excitement on camera when he saw his teacher Kylie! If you missed the blog about how much he loves his teacher, click here.   Kylie was out two weeks with the flu and was on spring break, so #BabyB missed her. […]

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