Swimming with Dad… #BabyB

img_39711We switched things up this week. Dad was in the pool instead of me!  Both #BabyB and Dad had a great time. I told Lance that this swim class was a workout and now he finally believes me. I have a feeling I will be back in the pool next week…

#BabyB is really enjoying himself. He looooves getting in to the pool and the anticipation beforehand is adorable.  The pool is in full view of the lobby area, so when you are waiting for class to start, you have a lot of anxious kids walking around–or with their faces pressed up to the class waiting for the cue to head to the deck!

Here are some pics from this week’s class at Goldfish Swim School. It’s been fun watching #BabyB’s progress. He shows off his skills in the tub, too. Not quite the same, but still fun!

img_39701 img_39581img_39651

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